“This Grateful Life” podcast!


Coming May, 2022!

“This Grateful Life” is a podcast dedicated to sharing the experience, strength, and hope of the human spirit by showing how living gratefully is possible even through the most difficult of struggles and hardships.

Hosted by Dr. Farhana Sadek, (a.k.a. “Dr. Gratitude”) from the UK and Lauren Blanchard Zalewski, (a.k.a. “Gratitude Addict”) from the US, they are united by a shared passion for GRATITUDE despite coming from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, generations, and perspectives! Together, their firm belief in the resilience and joy-building power of living and practicing GRATITUDE will shine through each episode!

About the hosts:

Farhana Sadek, M.D. is the co-founder & CEO of MyVim, the company behind the revolutionary app Gratitube. She is also a practicing medical doctor in London, UK. Her passion for spreading the power of gratitude to help with overall wellness has launched her to become known as “Dr. Gratitude” across the world.  She is a public speaker and has been featured in many publications and podcasts sharing this message and citing the scientific data that gratitude works!  She happily prescribes “gratitude” to her patients in London, believing that gratitude is the best medicine!

Lauren Blanchard Zalewski is the creator of gratitudeaddict.com and founder of the Facebook community “Attitude of Gratitude with Chronic Pain.” Her own near-death experience from a devastating rock bottom in 2013 sparked her to make a dramatic change in her life and has since made it her life’s work to share how the power of gratitude helps us recover from the emotional debilitation that comes along with life’s struggles such as chronic pain and illness. Lauren has also authored two gratitude-based books and hosts a weekly live stream broadcast called “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life” featuring gratitude experts from across the globe which is how she and Farhana first met.

Their obvious chemistry and shared desire to spread the power of gratitude to the masses is what led to the birth of this podcast.

Together, Farhana and Lauren bring their unique backgrounds and experiences to provide their listeners with a streamlined and all-encompassing approach to how gratitude can be practiced and lived in all areas of life. If you want handpicked tales that will inspire you to no end then look no further than the guests that Lauren and Farhana will bring to you.

To listen to where it all started, you can hear Lauren and Farhana’s very first interview on “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life”  HERE.  (You can also watch this interview on YouTube HERE)

Stay tuned!!!


**Do YOU have a story of struggle and resilience that is fueled by hope and gratitude?  Interested in being a guest on the podcast?  We’d love to hear more!  Fill out our guest questionnaire HERE.


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