The “Gratitude Project” of 2016


Why?  Well there’s actually quite a bit involved as to how I embarked on this project.  I’ll be talking more about the nuts and bolts of it in future posts, so stay tuned!

But the long and short of it is this…..

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is better than June 20, 2013 when I hit rock bottom.  Even my most challenging pain days are better than that.  So I spend a lot of time making sure I preserve that memory and keep it fresh in my mind every single day

And I do that by practicing GRATITUDE!  I’m telling ya’, guys….it works!

Check out the article I wrote for a site called “The Mighty” at the beginning of my project last year.  It might give you a little more insight.  For me, it was basically a very public gratitude journal.

Check it out!

When I Vowed to Fight Chronic Pain By Writing My Gratitude Every Day on Facebook







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