Setting Intentions & Chronic Pain/Illness

Setting intentions is a great way to start your day and can give us a little bit of focus in this chaotic world of OUCH! Sometimes it’s tricky staying focused when you live in the unpredictable world of chronic pain/illness.

So many of us feel as if we achieved ‘nothing’ on certain days where maybe traditional ‘to-do’ checklist items weren’t checked off. We can feel like failures and get into a deep depression.

We’re NOT. We’re just made differently! We’re unique! And a traditional ‘to-do’ list doesn’t work with our badass uniqueness. We require something a little different.

I mean, seriously, did I REALLY think that I was going to clean the bathroom, run to the grocery store, AND make some phonecalls?


On paper, that list sounds not only logical, but TOTALLY doable! But that’s if you’re a human that doesn’t have our awesome uniqueness. We can’t do that nor should we put that kind of pressure on ourselves. It’s almost definitely unachievable.

So let’s recognize our awesome uniqueness and shift our expectations of ourselves!

Intentions are different from the traditional ‘to-do’ list too, because they are INTENTIONS…..we INTEND to do them. If we aren’t able to do them, it’s not the end of the world. It’s a whole lot less pressure doing it this way.

So setting the intention gives us focus while also cutting out a lot of the pressure. It’s a win-win! If you keep a planner or gratitude journal, you can even have a special section of your page for ‘intentions.’

So ease up on yourselves, positive pain peeps! Throw away the notions of knocking off that traditional list and set some intentions! Just make sure to make them things that are actually achievable for you. (That way, you feel like the smashing success that you are!)

Let’s put ours out there to share with each other today.

Mine: Today I intend to rest, rest, rest….before a busy weekend of being a bridesmaid in my buddy Jackie’s wedding.

Your turn. Go!!!!