Positivity Pledge

A few months ago I was compelled to write a sort of manifesto called the “Lemonade Affirmation.”  It was really just something I wrote as someone with chronic pain to never feel ‘less than’ and to embrace all of me…including the parts that don’t work so well.

Well it became crazy popular on Facebook and has a couple thousand ‘likes’ and over 300 comments.  I guess peeps could relate!

I was compelled at one point a few months later to write a second one and that became popular too!

I hadn’t intended on writing anymore in this ‘lemonade series’, but today I got compelled again.  It’s really kind of crazy…I’m not seeking to write something, but then I get this compulsion to do them and the words just come pouring out!  I guess it’s stuff that’s been on my mind that I just need to say!

But today’s is a little different.  Today’s is a pledge….a vow….a promise to dump negativity out of my life.

It’s just not good for my health!