“In the end….only kindness matters.”

“In the end…only kindness matters.” – ‘Hands’ Jewel

This line from that beautiful song by Jewel has always been one of my all-time favorite quotes.  As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain that if you were to look in my ‘about me’ section on my Facebook page, it will be the only quote in the ‘favorite quotes’ section, and considering I’m such an inspirational quote junkie, that says a lot!

I’m still working on a different blog post about gratitude and fear, but I had to interrupt that program for a word on kindness because today I was the recipient of a kind word and it truly changed my day.  Let me tell you about it.

I was at my awesome noon fellowship meeting today which always uplifts me and makes me feel like a rockstar when I walk out of there.  I truly get my gratitude and spirituality on during my beloved meetings and I consider myself a lucky girl that I get to go to them.

Who woulda thunk that I’d be one of those grateful drunks in recovery?  Not me! 😜

Anyway…as the meeting ended, a friend of mine came up to me and, somehow, gave me exactly what I needed.  This friend has been a big supporter of mine in the work that I did all last year with the ‘Gratitude Project‘, and even now as I’m finding my way with the website/blog and Facebook Live on the Gratitude Addict Facebook page which has been growing like crazy.

Some days I only get a few likes on things that I post….his is ALWAYS one of them.  I definitely do not take it personally when things only garner a few ‘likes’, but it is always nice to get a few. At least I know that someone took the time to read or listen to my work and that makes me feel good.

So he came up to me after the meeting today, gave me a hug and said “Keep doing what you’re doing.  I don’t know if you’re doubting yourself or not, but you are doing great work and you need to keep going.”


And here’s the thing….I had been doubting myself.  Not a lot…just a little.  I have been putting such long hours in and I guess this crazy brain of mine plays tricks on me and sometimes wonders if anyone is really listening.  Does anyone really care? Were people just being kind with the ‘Gratitude Project’ last year but really could care less about finding gratitude? These are the things that go through my brain sometimes.

And every time my brain has gone there, I put the kibosh on it quickly because I am a woman on a mission and I will not stop.  I feel so strongly about it and about the fact that we really need gratitude right now.  Just for the sheer fact that the Facebook page for Gratitude Addict is growing like crazy tells me that there is a need.  And I’ll hit my stride eventually.

But how did this friend know that I needed to hear that today?  He could have just been polite and said, “Hey…nice job!”  I’ve also recently gotten to know his wife and she is so uber kind also…I’m naming them the ‘kind couple.’  (You guys know who you are…thank you.)

My point of all of this is to remind all of us how powerful a kind word can be.  It can change your entire day, and it costs nothing.  It’s just a matter of us recognizing that we need to do it more often.

Tonight I was out to dinner with my husband at this awesome Vietnamese restaurant that we like.  We have always had great service there, and tonight was no exception.  As we were leaving I found myself saying to our server, “You’re a very good server…I hope you know that.”  Her face lit up and she said, “Thank you!  I don’t hear that very often!”

And I don’t doubt that, do you?  It’s sad.  Why are we so much more apt to complain when service is bad, but not commend them when service is good?  Yes…I know it’s technically their job, but I think when someone does their job well it’s nice for them to be recognized.

Is it entitlement?  Do we feel like we are owed good service so it doesn’t warrant an ‘atta girl/boy?  I know our nation is currently deeply embedded in an entitlement phase and it drives me insane.  We are owed nothing.  As a matter of fact, gratitude is actually the opposite of entitlement.

Our server went above and beyond and I’m so glad that I opened my mouth to say something because it obviously made her day.  Just like mine was made by a few simple sentences from my friend.

Let’s make a pact to try to be more mindful of throwing out kind words to others.  What if we all made someone’s day?  How happy and grateful we would all be!  Let’s do this….try to give at least one kind word away per day.  It’ll be our little homework.

And I would love to hear words of kindness you have given or you have received.  Just leave in the comments!

(OH…..MY….GOD….  I KID YOU NOT…..I’m looking for the retro tv commercial to put in the post and I come across this graphic!!!  Tomorrow starts Random Acts of Kindness Week!!!

This is too weird. I completely had no idea!  I guess God had me write about exactly what I was supposed to write about tonight.)

Okay, my friends.  It’s almost 3am.  Lemme go off to bed.  Be grateful.  Be kind. Thanks for reading and all of your support.  xoxo

#GetYourGratitudeOn    #BecauseLifeDoesntSuck #ChronicallyGrateful

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Oh Lauren. I have always been with you, even though my ups and downs keep me quiet sometimes. You have a wonderful site here. It is so eye catching and meaningful. I am going to do better. Recent events have given me a fresh perspective on the actual gift of my struggle with chronic illness and fear. Keep up your work. I know that there are so many that suffer but do not have the energy to respond at various points in their journey.
Much love and caring…


Hi, Lauren, you picked a great quote there. I love that song and its meaning and still listen to it often. As a woman, mother and wife with 10 years sobriety I try to be thankful for what I have every day when I came close to ruining it all. I also schedule in a thank you email to my working week to send to whomever I can think of as compliments in our work are few and far between.

Jodie Whitham

Some amazing inspiration! I like acts of kindness such as helping charity where i can. I love the small suggestions you’ve given. I love what your friend said, it sounds like just the uplift so many of us often need to hear!


Hi Lauren! I agree with you….that a kind word, even from a stranger, can make a big difference in our day, or how we go forward in our lives. When giving, or receiving. Life is full of surprises. There was a time, working as an RN, that I gave extra support, everyday, in the form of kind words to people who had zero to no self love. I saw it and in one example a hospitalized man had to shave. I had to observe, for safety measures. He was slapping himself every now & then, during the process, and saying… Read more »

Gayle Turpan

So happy to have connected with you, and your suggestion to read the Acts of kindness article. Again syncronisity appears! Some years ago I was director of operations for a local salon and day spa. It was fairly new and quite successful at the time. I noticed that many employees took the success for granted. One of the first things I felt important to discuss with the staff, was the importance of client relations and customer service. No matter how successful a business is, without the best customer service you can fail. It’s about relationships and how you interact that… Read more »