What’s the word for this feeling?

(Based on a gratitude that I originally posted on 10.28.16 in my “Gratitude Project“)

Today I am grateful that I am (………………..)

What’s the word?

I’ve known what I wanted to express my gratitude for all day today, but I just haven’t been able to come up with the perfect word or sentence to describe it.  So I’m just going to start writing and see if I can figure it out by the time I’m done. And if not, maybe you guys can help me. LOL
Bear with me here…

I’ll start with this. It’s a FEELING.

It’s a general feeling of well-being. A feeling that I have pretty much every day…..and have for the past 4 years or so. And it’s a GREAT feeling.

Team Zalewski! Able to take any challenge thrown their way and handle it like a boss! Not always easy since that lady on the left is a nutjob! lol Love these guys #Lucky

Content” came to mind. And although I am absolutely content, it doesn’t seem like a strong enough word to describe this feeling. “Content” almost sounds like I’m settling….and I certainly am not.

Fulfilled” was probably the strongest contender. I’m not sure why that one didn’t feel right either-I think it’s because it didn’t feel complete enough. I’m more fulfilled now than I ever have been in my entire life and I’m so grateful for that, but it’s way more than that.

What’s the word…what’s the word…?

Satisfied?” Yep. I am. I am satisfied with everything I have and all that I’ve been blessed with. I don’t have it all, but I want for nothing. Sure, I’d love to live in a different body sometimes, but a large reason why I’m fulfilled is due to this broken body of mine. So I actually wouldn’t change it. How crazy is that?

Is that the word? “Satisfied?” Perhaps that’s the best fit, but in a way, it also feels incomplete. Maybe now I’m being nitpicky, but to me, “satisfied” seems so final – like I’ve gotten everything that I could ever want in this life (and I’m NOT talking material things), so now I’m satisfied. I can be done.

Nah….that’s not exactly it.

So here’s what I’m left with: A very mindful feeling that, in this very moment, I feel content, loved, satisfied, blessed, fulfilled, and have a very deep sense of well-being and gratitude.


I’ve got it!!!! I think I’ve got it!!!!!

I think the all-encompassing word is “HAPPY.”

I’m happy. 🙂

And I hope you all are too. 🙂

Later, gators!

Love, L


Who remembers this one with Heather Locklear circa 1982?


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Linda Edwards

This is so good!! It really spoke to me, Sometimes I think I am waiting for the pain to e gone then I can be happy again. I need to learn to be happy where I am right now, To be honest since I started through this journey of pain four years ago it has been a struggle for me. You inspire me and one day would like to be where you are, content, and with a positive and grateful heart. Thank you for all you do. You are such a blessing in my life. Love you?


Heather Locklear spreading the word; as WE are spreading the word of AoG…and so on, and so on! Who’s the looker with her…ANYBODY KNOW? Thanks for showing us how an Attitude of Graditude promotes HAPPINESS. That it IS possible, even with Chronic Pain. It gives people HOPE. AS AN ADDICT OR ALCOHOLIC thinks they are doomed to that painful life and need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re showing that light Lauren. And you’ve given all of us who jump on the band wagon, that opportunity as well! To have hope, that with action and… Read more »


Two thumbs up, way up, buddy! 💜💜


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