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Easy on the heart

I so love this quote! I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!
Isn’t this so true? So much revolves around how we look on the outside, rather than how we look on the inside.
We are programmed from such a young age to look a certain way. Hopefully not by our parents, but by the media for sure:
“Buy this mascara….you’ll turn the boys’ heads!”
“Go on this weight loss regimen….your body isn’t ‘perfect'” (and then they’ll show a ‘before’ picture with the person looking miserable and the ‘after’ as someone looking happy.) So…if you aren’t a stick figure you aren’t happy?
Personally, I know a lot of ‘pretty’ people who are a-holes. That’s not ‘pretty’ to me.
I like your salt-of-the-earth types that always have a kind word and a smile.
I like the people who will go out of their way to check on me when I’m not feeling so hot, even when their own lives are crazy.
I love those people who do service or volunteer their time without expecting anything in return, or even letting anyone else know they did it.
To me, that’s pretty. More than pretty, actually…it’s downright SEXY.
I know our internal beauty doesn’t sell products, but I betcha your internal beauty gives you more friends…am I right?  
Of course I am!  
It certainly brings more people that want to be around you on a daily basis and for all the right reasons and not just for a hookup (not that I would remember what that is, mind you.)
But the BEST part of that internal beauty?
YOU like to be around you!
How about that?  Isn’t that the most important thing anyway?  Wherever we go…there we are!  I’m stuck with me rather I want to be or not.  And today…I want to be!  I like me.  I can put my head on my pillow tonight and know that I was a good friend, I helped another person, and I tried to spread some love and happiness.
I bet you did too.  If you’re on a site called Gratitude Addict, you’re probably already internally gorgeous…or at least trying to be.  We are all works in progress, after all.
Give me ‘easy on the heart’ any day.


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Now that my nieces and nephews are at ‘that’ age and I see what they consider ‘attractive ‘ vs. what my mid-life woman sees, the inner beauty. I remember being like them and I wish they could see it right away too, but I guess that is part of growing.


Easy on the heart! Of course it’s more impt. than easy on the eyes, with a friend. Honestly, the women I knew in the past the were so beautiful on the outside, were SO self-centered. Not fun spending time with them, because they were always preoccupied with whether a guy was checking them out! Ah the wisdom which makes us a sage, with age. This is rich s good topic because when we are on Blogs or FB, we are connecting with the persons heart & mind. There isn’t the “looks” factor, getting in the way. I only want to… Read more »


Is it “You’ve got Maiil” or some Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movie? Where they meet in Seattle at the top of the Space Needle? Many loved that movie, but it was very lame, to me! Sweet, but lame. I usually like movies with a lot more substance and, even romantic comedies. I used to think I was too smart for romantic comedies until I got older and decided I no longer wanted to see super intense dramas at the theater , Because I lived so much drama already!!
Sorry for rambling. Xo


I agree!! It would be great if there was a way for us to simply react or like if we don’t have a comment to add to what’s there, but want to weigh in. I liked what you and Katie and Lucia had to say. The photo of the old woman with quote that I posted yesterday or day before was trying to get at that same thing. It is so important for us all to remember.
The type is much smaller on my kindle now which is good, but somewhat faint. The site is looking great!


I definitely look at people internally. Looks are nice but they fade. A good heart stays a good heart!


I became blind 11 years ago. (I am now blind about 80% of my day as my eyesight comes randomly without warning when it comes or goes – I have a brain disease, IIH) Well let me tell you I have learned so much about this subject in ways I never imagined. I once thought I was seeing only someone’s insides & not being judgmental, but being forced to have no other choice, I really have learned so much. Through blindness there have been many amazing gifts. Thanks so much for sharing this – I really enjoyed the read Lauren.… Read more »