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I dunno...This is just stuff that doesn't fit into any category.

  • Pink checkered Vans and Me-A real-life Cinderella story

    A real life Cinderella story…(but with Vans…) 12.31.16 I had started writing this post in December and was going to write a funny post about my plight and quest for the pink and white checkerboard Vans I have coveted since the…

  • Easy on the heart

    I so love this quote! I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!   Isn’t this so true? So much revolves around how we look on the outside, rather than how we look on the inside.   We are…

  • I am grateful for being given the gift of motherhood.

    Gratitude Day 365: (originally posted in the project on 12.29.16) Today I am grateful to be a mom. Although I’ve expressed gratitude for both of my kids way early on in the project, I have yet to express gratitude for…

  • I’m grateful that I have clothes to wear

    As much as the silliness of my sweatshirt (circa 1990 courtesy of my mom...I collected Pink Cadillac stuff!) pokes fun, I'm grateful I have clothes to wear since so many others around the world do not have that luxury.