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A strong community on Facebook for those who want to live better lives despite living with chronic pain, illness, disability.
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Attitude of Gratitude with Chronic Pain” (or AoG) is a Facebook group that was born from an idea I had back in 2015.

I belonged to several of the large chronic pain/illness groups that you can find on Facebook, and they had always served their purpose for me to be able to vent as well as find out more specifics about my conditions.  There are literally hundreds of these groups and it’s so wonderful to have that resource and have access to speak with others who struggle the way we do.

What I wasn’t finding, though, was a place to escape from the negativity once in a while.  I would often log out of those other groups and end up feeling emotionally drained.  Being an empath, I found myself absorbing the issues of the other members when they shared.  So not only was I dealing with my own struggles, I felt I was taking on those of other members too!

There is a pain that the doctors do not help us with….the emotional pain that almost always goes hand-in-hand with the physical pain.  This pain is often more debilitating than the physical pain we have from our conditions.  I yearned for a place to feel inspired and uplifted….a place that promoted hope and motivated me to keep going despite the physical disabilities that weighed me down.

But nobody was offering what I envisioned.

I wanted a place where we could focus on living in the solution, rather than marinading in the problem.  I wanted a great place to go when we tire of the negativity and just need a place to lift our spirits while learning how to live a fulfilling and wholehearted life.

And that’s how AoG was born!

In order for us to be equal and not compare our conditions with each other, we don’t discuss them.  We are a ‘no-complaining’ zone.  NOT because I am against venting and complaining (I am strongly FOR it, actually,) but because there are already so many groups that offer that. We offer live chats a few days a week where we can vent away, but in the group itself….it’s against the rules.  This way, nobody can compare whose pain is worse than others or who is sicker than others. 

By staying on an equal playing field, we are free to just say, “Ok.  I live with this chronic condition.  It hurts…..NOW WHAT?”

At the time I started it, I wasn’t sure if there were people like me and wanted a place to share with others who understood the emotional turmoil, but yearned for a HAPPY place once in a while!

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We now have almost 6,000 members who inspire and uplift each other daily. 

6,000 chronic thrivers who willingly join a group where there is a ‘no complaining’ rule!  I find this unbelievable!




Each day we offer different optional ways to be engaged with each other in the group. 

They are:

  • Question of the day
  • Breath Breaks 
  • 3 things you did well today
  • and a Goodnight Post that I write each evening.

In addition to our main group, we also have a few sister sites for anyone interested in other things to supplement their healing while still under the AoG ‘umbrella’.  We have a Book Club, a Cooking and Crafting club, a Gratitude Journaling club, and a Daily Affirmations club.  They are all optional as is everything within our group.  

Chronic pain & illness/disability can be difficult enough….AoG focuses on GRATITUDE and how incorporating more of it into our lives can bring us a joy and fulfillment we never thought we could see again. 

We would LOVE to have you join us!  Whether you have physical or emotional pain or both, we welcome you with open arms and an open heart.  We are waiting for you. 

I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you find yourself in a group with only positive and uplifting talk each day.

Hope to see you there!

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