“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”- Holocaust Survivor, psychiatrist, philosopher, and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl


My name is Lauren and I am so glad you’re here!

I refer to myself as a “gratitude addict,” because that’s absolutely what I AM – an addict of GRATITUDE!

For the past decade, I have made it my passion to write about as well as share with the entire world about the power of GRATEFUL living and how it can help us to live lives of exquisite joy and wholehearted GRATITUDE.

What makes me different? I promote GRATITUDE for every situation as I feel its immense power can help to reduce the emotional effects of the many roadblocks in our lives.

I have lived with chronic pain/illness for over 20 years, so my main focus is sharing my message and experience with others who live with chronic physical and emotional conditions. The lessons I teach, however,  are for anyone who wants to ‘up their game’ in order to deal with life’s inevitable struggles and come to a place of joy and purpose!  Pain is pain, whether emotional, physical, or mental.

GRATITUDE is the answer!

9 years ago, I hit a personal rock-bottom after losing myself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually to the effects of chronic pain.  I had turned to alcohol as a way to shut out the world and self-medicate my physical and emotional pain, and it ended up taking me down a dangerous and destructive path-a path I am so GRATEFUL to have pivoted off of!

I was fortunate enough to attend a month-long inpatient program devoted to dealing with the emotional suffering that goes along with chronic pain and illness. I got sober and immersed myself in studying the ways we can take control over the emotional suffering that almost always goes along with chronic physical pain.  In over 22 years, I have never seen a single doctor or specialist who has advised me about the emotional debilitation that goes along with living with a chronic condition.  It is not something that is ever addressed or acknowledged, and that is where MY work comes in!

A passionate student of the human experience, I have made it my life’s work to study and pass on the knowledge that I have accrued so we can all live our best lives despite our struggles.  7  years ago,  I began my own group called “Attitude of Gratitude with Chronic Pain” on Facebook.  Our main focus is on coming to a place of acceptance and moving forward with GRATITUDE to reduce the suffering we once endured.  We want to move on with our lives and live them in the most fulfilling and wholehearted way possible!  Being diagnosed with a chronic illness (physical or mental) or becoming injured does NOT need to mean “game over” for a life of joy and fulfillment.  If we want to live happily, we simply have to adjust things to suit our unique and ever-changing situations, and that includes adjusting the lens we see life throughThe lens of GRATITUDE, through a steady and regular practice, is the single most effective treatment I have EVER used in dealing with the emotional pain that the physical has caused me for the past 22 years.

“AoG” (as we lovingly call it) is a complaining-free zone of learning and bettering ourselves by using daily tools such as intentions, mindfulness, journaling, community, and connection, as well as practicing GRATITUDE!  We bring JOY back into our own lives by helping and learning from each other.  Our “little” group has now grown to over 8,400 members and spans 82 countries!  I wholeheartedly invite you to join us whether your pain is physical, emotional, mental, or all 3!  You can find us on Facebook by clicking HERE!

In addition, I host a live broadcast every Thursday at 8pm EST (5pm PST) on both Facebook Live and on my YouTube channel called “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life”.    Each week we speak about a different topic relating to incorporating GRATITUDE into our lives despite our struggles. Viewers have the option to have their comments, tips, and questions appear on the broadcast screen in this town-hall type interactive broadcast.  Most weeks I have a special guest on with me who is an expert in their field and shares various ways we can make our lives better despite the blind turns in the road that come our way in this life.

My second chance at life (I call it “Lauren 2.0!”) has brought me to a place of becoming a teacher and a carrier of the light that was so tenderly and generously carried for me.  The wisdom that I share is simply gathered from my personal experience and learning-I am a seeker and forever student who is always looking for physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental breakthroughs and ways to ease our path to one of healing and wholeness.

My message for those wishing to recover from their emotional “suffering” with chronic pain is one deeply rooted in GRATITUDE while also mixing in other teachings such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), “The Four Agreements”, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, and even some 12-Step strategies.  

Allow GRATITUDE to fill your mind, body, and soul to take us from a place of pain and suffering to a place of serenity and light.   Join me as I show you how! 

 Living with a chronic condition does not need to mean ‘GAME OVER!’ 

Make a conscious decision to love your life more than you hate your pain and let’s get our GRATITUDE on!



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When you consistently practice setting mindful intentions, you can manifest a life full of inspiration and purpose. This guided journal provides thought-provoking prompts that help you live with greater intention through weekly reflection, gratitude, and connection.

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This week’s episode of “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life!”- GRATITUDE expert, author, and speaker I.J. McIntyre!

This week, my guest will be GRATITUDE expert, author, and speaker I.J. McIntyre!

I.J. (short for Ida-Jean) McIntyre is THE grateful way woman!

She is the author of “The Grateful Way” – a short, sweet inspirational memoir and ‘how to’ self-care book based on the remarkable way her mom faced adversities and embraced adventures.

Her TEDx talk: “Feel regret-free with gratitude” reveals the power of writing gratitude letters to deal and heal and FEEL free from regrets. Writing her book, preparing her TEDx talk, and spreading her message about the power of gratitude are all part of I.J.’s retirement-her-way legacy project.  Along the way, I.J. discovered the extraordinary power of expressing gratitude. She’ll share true stories and touch on scientific studies to show us how we can FEEL regret-free – one T.H.X. at a time.

**LIVE viewers will have the opportunity to win one of TWO FREE signed copies that I.J. has so graciously agreed to donate!**

For more information about I.J., The Grateful Way and to find links to purchase a copy of the book, visit her website: https://thegratefulway.ca

To connect with I.J.: https://www.facebook.com/TheGratefulWay/

To view her TEDx talk: https://youtu.be/NMkdxbSrZjg

Join us LIVE next week for our interactive broadcast that encourages Q & A and comments from the viewers!


My goal is to help provide my audience and followers with the information and resources you need in order to live your most wholehearted, joyful, and meaningful life. 

Whether you live with chronic pain or not, “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life” brings topics and guests who help ALL OF US through life’s struggles.

**episode will be recorded for later viewing**



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