My name is Lauren! So glad you are here.

I refer to myself as a “gratitude addict,” because that’s absolutely what I AM – an addict of GRATITUDE!

For the last many years I have made it my passion to write about as well as share with the entire world about the power of GRATITUDE and how it can help us in our daily lives.

What makes me different? I promote GRATITUDE for every situation as I feel its immense power can help to reduce the emotional effects of the many challenges in our lives.

I have lived with chronic pain/illness for 20 years, so my main focus is gearing my teachings towards others who live with chronic physical and emotional conditions. But at the end of the day, the lessons I teach are for anyone who wants to ‘up their game’ in the struggles of life!

GRATITUDE is the answer!

8 years ago I hit a rock-bottom in my life after losing myself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually to the effects of chronic pain.  I was lucky enough to attend a month-long inpatient program devoted to dealing with the suffering that goes along with chronic pain and illness.

It was then that I got sober and began practicing the teachings I had learned as well as continuing my education on how to live my best life despite the debilitating effects that my condition caused me.

6 years ago,  I began my own group called “Attitude of Gratitude with Chronic Pain” on Facebook.  Our group’s main focus is on coming to a place of acceptance and moving forward with GRATITUDE to reduce the suffering we once endured.  We want to move on with our lives and live them in the most fulfilling and wholehearted way possible!

This complaining-free zone is a place of learning and bettering ourselves by using intentions, mindfulness, community and connection, as well as practicing GRATITUDE!  We bring JOY back into our lives by helping each other.  Our “little” group has now grown to over 5,700 members and spans 82 countries!

I also host a live broadcast every Thursday at 8pm EST on both Facebook Live and on my YouTube channel called “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life” Each week we speak about a different topic relating to incorporating GRATITUDE into our lives despite our struggles. Viewers have the option to have their comments, tips, and questions appear on the broadcast screen so we are very much interactive!

You’ll also want to check out my blog page to read about my thoughts on all things relating to GRATITUDE and/or living with chronic illness. This is not just your typical GRATITUDE blog as we discuss exactly how this FREE “tool” is available to us at all times and able to provide us a wholehearted and fulfilling life even when things may look bleak.

Allow GRATITUDE to fill your mind, body and soul to take them from a place of pain to a place of serenity.

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Upcoming broadcast!

Tune in to watch my latest episode of “Gratefully Living the Chronic Life” on Thursday  April 8, 2021 LIVE at 8pm EST where we will be discussing the topic of SAVORING UNCERTAINTY with author and Executive Director of A Network for Grateful Living, Kristi Nelson!

Mark your calendars and tune in to join the discussion!!!